Work progresses well at Hafod Park

Work is progressing very well at Hafod Park, a lot of ground has been excavated and many loads of concrete have been poured.  Block work is now underway on the apartment building.  It is very apparent the generous property sizes we have applied at design stage, all the homes will have proper proportions and elegant in layout and appointment.

It is always exciting to see a project coming to fruition after many months of preparation, from what began as a concept and a few lines on a blank piece of paper to what will become a landmark development in Hereford.

Built to last – Very deep foundations!

Scale of the size of the properties emerges – Great size rooms.
Very good composition of ground
Precision Groundworks!
Plot 1 – 3 bed detached underway
Plot 1 – Deep foundations!
The team at work
Plot 5 – Room sizes becoming apparent
It usually feels small at this stage of construction – certainly doesn’t feel it!
Concrete pump awaiting the next load.
We are keeping the local concrete suppliers busy.
Plot 1 foundation nearly completed.
So deep!