Barton West

Whilst IE Developments had been established for over 20 years at this point, the company had never built a truly contemporary building.  The majority of our work had been in traditional conservation areas and largely followed the local vernacular.  Our client base tended to be attracted towards the more traditional, high quality end of the market. Or did it?

The departure to a truly contemporary approach was initially not an easy decision based upon both our historical customer demographic and our initial target audience.


We clearly needed to re-evaluate what our customers were really looking for and with this in mind began investigating other contemporary residential developments. It soon became apparent that contemporary design was no barrier to most customers provided it was good design and functional.

The brief that we gave ourselves was simple. To produce a very high quality, well designed building that would look as good and function as well in 25 years time as it did when we handed it over.  This led us into using modern state of the art materials which would require little or no maintenance throughout their lifetimes. This “brief” was not a replacement for any ideals that had gone before but a new addition.  The core value of “quality” was not diminished but expanded.