Low Carbon Building

We have embraced the eco challenge and have full belief in sustainable developments, land is a finite resource and the only way forward is to build with integrity and to the very best of our ability.

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Low Carbon Building, or highly energy efficient construction or ‘eco’ construction are all ways of describing fundamentally the same thing, a sustainable way of building that delivers a home that is warm and comfortable, one that creates a healthy environment to live in and costs very little to run.

We have spent a lot of time and effort researching and testing products and methodologies to achieve this goal.  We utilise a lot of the components from the PassivHaus principles and through collaboration with Manufacturers and suppliers have built a solid understanding and have put into practice successfully a new form of construction in the UK.  A form of construction which has now be thoroughly tested by our buyers and has proven to be extremely efficient and of the highest quality.

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The fundamental principles behind our new methodology is based on six key points:

  1. High levels of insulation
  2. Air tight structure
  3. Designing out Thermal bridging
  4. MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery)
  5. Triple Glazed fenestration
  6. Optimising Solar gain

There are many more factors involved but to achieve the levels of performance we have managed in our recent projects these six are crucial.

The simple explanation of our rationale is, rather than bolt on windmills and a plethora of renewable technologies on and under your home, remove the need for excess energy at first principles.  Make the home efficient and dramatically reduce the heat loss through the structure, make it require considerably less energy in the first instance.

This is known as a ‘Fabric First’ strategy, designing the fundamental fabric of the building envelope to perform so well that the need for energy is reduced significantly, a ‘passive’ approach, which is far more efficient and cost effective than attempting to generate energy at a later stage.

The real benefit of a home built in this way is the comfort, you live in a property without draughts, with an even temperature throughout, breathing fresh filtered air 24/7, an environment where dust mites cannot survive, where anyone with any respiratory issues will be benefited greatly.  Many of our current home buyers have said they could not now live in a ‘normal’ home without these systems in place, and that they feel claustrophobic when visiting friends and families houses and can’t wait to return back to their ‘breathing’ and comfortable homes!

Eco homes have a big effect on individual carbon footprints and our war against waste in energy, but the great thing is you can have that and the luxury of a high quality home with an IE Developments property, elegance comes as standard.

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