Innovative Floor Beams laid at Hafod Park


Yesterday was the culmination of many months planning and design work collaborating with Creagh Concrete.  We are using their innovative Spantherm product, which is an insulated high performance concrete floor beam system that will enhance the thermal envelope of the building.

  It is a high quality solution to achieving higher levels of thermal insulation in the floor structure.  It involves a much greater degree of design input than the conventional systems but the rewards in performance of product and quality make it totally worthwhile.

The day started early with a 60 tonne crane and Creagh’s site crew and Mike Cooke and our Groundwork specialists Ian and James O’Brien preparing the site for the first load of the day.  We had three loads of beams plus a precast concrete lift pit from Waycon Precast and a load of concrete scheduled in for the day, so it was all hands to the pumps! and it was also the hottest day, with temperatures reaching 33 degrees!

See below a few pictures from the day:

60 tonne Terex Crane
Working amonst the Fauna!
Precast concrete lift pit – a mere 4.9 tonnes!
Lift pit in place
Airborne lift pit – the joys of using the correct plant
First beams in place
Apartment One floor taking shape
Great precision
Nearly complete – Awaiting Grouting
Site communication
Lovely location
One of the three Creagh loads of the day
Sections of the Spantherm

It is by working in collaboration with innovative and creative companies and being prepared to push the envelope further that we can continue to enhance and evolve our product. We love the challenges and rewards that it offers and we will never stand still and stick to the norm.

These properties when complete will be elegant and robust but will perform efficiently and offer their owners low maintenance, low running costs and high specification and quality.   It is through going the extra mile each time we can continually offer the best in the market, unashamedly so, there is a lot more to our buildings than appears on the surface…