Hive of activity



Plot 1 – 3 Bed Detached House

The sun is shining and there are sounds of activity and industry everywhere, music to our ears!  We have roofers, bricklayers, carpenters and timber frame erectors all hard at work and the site is really taking shape.  The Apartment Building (Hafod House) is well underway as the brickwork is now heading up to the second floor and the roof covering is spreading.   The first detached house (Plot 1) is now up and looking imposing!

One of our unique features is that our properties are designed from the inside, creating proper living spaces and environments.  Plot 1 is a prime example of this, it is considerably larger than the average 3 bed home.  Generous room sizes, well thought out spaces, lot’s of storage, including fully fitted wardrobes.   We design homes to live in, in elegant surroundings.

Anyway, more of the photographs of the craftsmanship in progress!