Hafod Park – Apartment building progressing well


The high performance timber frame is well underway on the apartment building.   The size and scale of the individual apartments are impressive even at this stage.  The generous proportions of the internal layouts are becoming very evident.   An incredible amount of effort is going into getting all the details right, and quality control on air tightness barriers and thermal bridging elements is fundamental at this stage to ensure the end product performs as it is designed to do.

It is great to walk on the floors and get a sense of the buildings location.  The views from the Penthouse are going to be really good, and indeed the views from the other apartments are very pleasant, the overall feel is one of being at a high point in Hereford surrounded by trees and greenery.  This will be a  special enclave within the City.

Anyway, a few pictures below to give a taste of the site as it unfolds.

The complex scaffold structure taking shape
One of the loads arriving at Hafod Park
Works underway
Two storeys and counting…
One of the views!