Hafod Park – In answer to a few questions…


Site Entrance to Hafod Park


We have been very pleased with the level of interest we have received since achieving a planning permission and putting up the hoarding at our exciting Hafod Park development.  We would therefore like to respond here to some of the questions we are currently being asked.  It is worth noting that it is very early days and although we have completed the initial arboricultural works and all the relevant surveys, and the hoarding and temporary gates have been erected we have not started construction works just yet.  We are very much at the point of final design works, finalising specifications, placing orders and contracts for the supply of materials and specialist labour.

So to hopefully clarify a few points:


Q: When are you starting on site?

A: We are hoping to make a material start on the site in April, this will initially be the setting up of welfare facilities and boundary and tree protection, followed by services and foundations.


Q: How long is the build program?

A: We expect to be at least 18 months in construction, we will be building the Apartments first followed by the houses.  Our build program is generally longer than most due to the nature of our developments.  To achieve the super high energy ratings requires major quality control and attention to detail which takes time and care.  The detailing and material choices are crucial to achieve our very low maintenance product, the brickwork elements are being designed in collaboration with the manufacturer, we are working closely with many others such as Worcester Bosch to achieve the optimum performance of the homes.  Every site is bespoke and we give it the time it deserves to deliver a first rate high quality product.


Q: Will you sell of plan?

A: Traditionally, that is what has happened and in short, yes we will when we have the legal pack completed and the purchaser is in a position to proceed once prices have been announced.


Q: How much will they be?

A: We will not be releasing prices at this stage as we are still placing contracts and doing the final design works and specifying many of the materials and systems, we also won’t be giving indications at this point because they can be counter productive and misleading.  Pricing needs to be clear with no ambiguity and at the correct time.


Q: When will you release prices?

A: Once we have placed all orders and site works are well underway and all the necessary legal and contractural elements are in place we will look to release prices.  We do not however envisage this being in a matter of weeks, but more likely months.  We understand this is frustrating, but the last thing we want to do is mislead anyone and we would prefer to be accurate and stick by our pricing as we have always done.


Q: What is the procedure to buy?

A: As an A1 NHBC Registered Builder/Developer we have adopted their Customer Code of Conduct, and have through this developed our ‘Customer Charter’ which details the purchase procedure in line with their code and our Company policies.  Please see here:   Customer Charter


We hope this answers the immediate questions and we will be posting more information on this development as it comes available.