Hafod Park – A brief update

It has been a while since I added news on the website, mainly because we have been so busy on the site creating a fantastic oasis of quality and elegance!

I thought it also a good idea to let people know availability of the homes, I know we have yet to advertise and market them but they have been selling quietly in the background.


Plot 1 – 3 Bed House with large garage           SOLD

Plot 2 – 4 Bed House with large garage           RESERVED PENDING EXCHANGE

Plot 3 – 3 Bed House with garage                       SOLD

Plot 4 – 3 Bed House with garage                      AVAILABLE

Apartment 1 – 2 Bed Apartment                         SOLD

Apartment 2 – 2 Bed Apartment                         SOLD

Apartment 3 – 2 Bed Apartment                         SOLD

Apartment 4 – 2 Bed Apartment                         SOLD

Penthouse – 2 Bed Penthouse                              TO BE RELEASED

Please see below a montage of recent photographs of work in progress:

Plot 1 – External finishes complete
Plot 1 – Ready for Windows
Plot 2 – Well under way
Holm House – Services going in
Plots 1 and 2 – Looking grand
Plots 3 and 4 – Footing in place
Holm House – Progressing well
Views from Penthouse
Penthouse decks going in
Penthouse Decks showing low maintenance detailing
Penthouse Deck – High quality resin decking
Penthouse – View from Master Bedroom Deck
Typical Apartment Shower
Typical Basin
Apartment Kitchen in progress
Balcony lighting
View from Penthouse Lounge Deck
Typical Bath detail
High quality Basin and brassware
Typical shower detail
Penthouse Master Bedroom View (currently)
Another Basin with alternate colour Vanity unit