Low carbon building

IE Developments has invested heavily into researching the methods of achieving a true energy efficient homes,  that perform without the need for expensive bolt-ons and renewables.  Fabric energy efficiency is one of the main keys to unlocking this issue, where the fabric of the building is so effective that the need for energy is vastly reduced.

The principles of PassivHaus have very much been adopted, and the new HerefordHaus system is born from these principles, the elements that are critical to a successful system are:

1) An effective thermal envelope

2) Reduction of thermal bridging

3) Air tightness

4) MVHR ventilation systems

When all the elements are executed correctly the result is a home that is superbly energy efficient requiring vastly reduced levels of energy to run, and a healthy comfortable environment.

From our initial SAP assessments recently completed for our eco development at Cradley the system has proven itself totally effective, giving the homes Performance Energy assessments of over 100, which is an incredible score.

We have researched all of the necessary components in great depth and have worked with our European partners to achieve a system that we can use for all our developments , that will ensure that we are reducing carbon in the construction process as well as the lifetime of the properties that we develop.

We have embraced the carbon challenge, and have pushed the envelope of  technology in the UK to a new level, we are totally convinced of our system being the correct way forward and our belief is already proving to be well founded.   This has been a huge learning curve for us and we have adopted many proven principles from Germany, Scandanavia and beyond.  We have been amazed at the level of detail, which is our forte, that is required to make these systems work, the level of tolerance required is so small that new methods of operation have had to be adopted.

We are dedicated to achieving sustainable quality housing, in a real sense, true energy efficiency that isn’t reliant on ‘Heath Robinson’ style paraphanalia, creating an environment that is healthy and comfortable using high quality components that will give long and effective service.  We would like to say ‘it isn’t rocket science’, but we are not so sure….


The new HerefordHaus system

The HerefordHaus system is a system devised by IE Developments Limited in collaboration with Taylor Lane Timber Frame and Architype Architects utilising currently available technologies and methodologies in a hybrid timber frame to achieve a super energy efficient low carbon home.

All three companies are Hereford based and the system is based upon the principles of PassivHaus.  The key elements are:

1) High levels of insulation
2) High levels of air tightness
3) The reduction of thermal bridging

The use of high quality, high performance materials is an essential element in the system, and assessed SAP ratings are incredibly high achieving a score of over 100.

The process has been over a year on the drawing board and has been achieved by the accumulated efforts of three experienced award winning companies working together with a common goal of creating a system to deliver homes that require very little energy and deliver comfort and quality to the home owner.

Please see the link below to the AECB and our certification under the Silver Award. First in UK!